recrystallization temperature

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re·crys·tal·li·za·tion tem·per·a·ture

(rē-kristăl-ī-zāshŭn tempĕr-ă-chŭr)
The lowest level of heat at which the distorted grain structure of a metal is replaced by a strain-free grain structure.
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4b), which exceeds the recrystallization temperature which was verified by microstructural analysis.
With a higher recrystallization temperature than competitive materials, this new TPV allows faster ejection from the mold.
When comparing the melting temperature to the recrystallization temperature, the slow crystallization rate of PHB based polymers and copolymers is evident by a ~100 [degrees] difference in the melting and recrystallization temperatures.
There is an exotherm near 277 [degrees] C in an unannealed sample, which corresponds to a recrystallization temperature ([T.