record retention

re·cord re·ten·tion

(rek'ŏrd rĕ-ten'shŭn)
Definition of how long a health record should be maintained in current or alternative format.
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The resulting example retention schedule and accompanying guidance provide a starting point for operators to determine their individual record retention requirements.
The company says that it will now be able to more efficiently manage corporate email content and apply record retention policies that help Cooper continue to meet increasingly stringent legal and information governance requirements.
Second, this trigger is unnecessary because the record retention issue can be resolved by adding a reasonable amount of time for the resolution to the retention period.
As the Remington Arms lawsuit proceeded, Remington refused to turn over evidence of complaints from other customers about the M700 on the basis that the complaints had been destroyed under Remington's record retention policy.
In my opinion, there will be a lot of wait and see in terms or e-discovery" record retention and destruction rules, Queen says.
However, while state auditors can target record retention practices, penalties for failure to comply in the past have been rare enough that strict compliance may have been a low priority for some.
Other tenants include Fairfield County Record Retention LLC (15,500 s/f), Planet Fitness (15,125 s/f) and NSW Professional Billing, Inc.
Record retention is a must, whether for personal, business or tax reasons.
Comments on a proposed LMSB initiative on record retention agreements, filed with Program Manager, CAS, for the IRS Large and Midsize Business Division (4/8/04).
Jury studies have shown that jurors generally expect CPAs to be experts in documentation and record retention.
In the policy, responsibility is allocated for record retention and disposal, and employees are instructed on what to do with documents no longer required for operational purposes.