record retention

re·cord re·ten·tion

(rek'ŏrd rĕ-ten'shŭn)
Definition of how long a health record should be maintained in current or alternative format.
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As the Remington Arms lawsuit proceeded, Remington refused to turn over evidence of complaints from other customers about the M700 on the basis that the complaints had been destroyed under Remington's record retention policy.
22-M), which has been implemented in some specialized CAS interface products in the context of a record retention policy, states that depending on the source of the recommendation, targeted sectors should be overwritten between three and 35 times.
The basic search query statements to be used should be as follows: "record" or "records" or "recordkeeping" or "file" or "document" and "retain" or "retention" or "keep" or "maintain" and "years," This search strategy is intended to cast a rather broad net, designed to tag as many record retention citations as possible.
Other tenants include Fairfield County Record Retention LLC (15,500 s/f), Planet Fitness (15,125 s/f) and NSW Professional Billing, Inc.
Record retention is a must, whether for personal, business or tax reasons.
Comments on a proposed LMSB initiative on record retention agreements, filed with Program Manager, CAS, for the IRS Large and Midsize Business Division (4/8/04).
Jury studies have shown that jurors generally expect CPAs to be experts in documentation and record retention.
For example, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas mandate the retention of minutes but do not expressly permit or prohibit electronic record retention.
Other major tenants include Fairfield County Record Retention LLC (15,500 SF), Planet Fitness (15,125 SF) and NSW Professional Billing, Inc.