record linkage

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rec·ord link·age

a method of assembling the information contained in two or more sets of medical records, or a set of medical records and vital records such as birth or death certificates, and a procedure to ensure that each person's records are counted only once; facilitated by a unique numbering system such as the Hogben number to identify people with precision.
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as well as errors related to the use of probabilistic record linkage between the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry and the Swiss National Cohort.
Data Matching: Concepts and Techniques for Record Linkage, Entity Resolution, and Duplicate Detection.
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In addition to large sample sizes and informed consent protocols to facilitate follow-up and record linkage, cohort research platforms have other virtues: enabling longer-term follow-up to assess health outcomes and the sustainability of effects; allowing comparison of participants in an intervention with those who do not participate, during recruitment and through follow-up; providing higher recruitment and adherence than in de novo studies; and the potential for conducting intervention research across jurisdictions because of harmonization efforts.
Each of the data collections were linked to CrashLink by the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL).
Published in the Medical Science Monitor, this is the first record linkage study of maternal mortality rates associated with abortion to be published using Denmark's centralized health data.
Other subjects include a distributed norm compliance model, an ontology-based record linkage method for textual microdata, biologically inspired turn control for autonomous mobile robots, and self-supervised clustering for codebook construction.
Patient data were drawn from the PHARMO record linkage system, which includes community pharmaceutical dispensing information, laboratory information, national hospitalization information, and statistics from the Dutch national diabetes monitoring program.
Probabilistic record linkage is a valid and transparent tool to combine databases without a patient identification number.
VADIR Record Linkage No VADIR Record 27,990 17% VADIR Record Match 134,892 83% DoD Race Completeness Race in DoD 60,286 45% No Race in DoD 74,606 55% Note: Table made from pie chart
Ethical issues such as biobanking and neuroimaging are considered, and challenges related to the privacy of electronic health records and data record linkage are explored.
Data cleaning process are appeared in literature as follows: record linkage, semantic integration, instance identification, or object identity problem, Merge-purge problem, and Data duplication problem [JA, 00], [OJA, 05], [MS, 98].