Process of removing metal from the back and toe to restore the curved surfaces of a curette's working-end.
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Fairway narrowed on approach to green and extensive recontouring with formation of hillocks on left, short of green.
Arthroscopic options for glenohumeral arthritis range from the simplest option of synovectomy and removal of loose bodies, to the more extensive option of capsular resection and recontouring of the glenoid and humerus.
He is well known for his dramatic earth moving works and thought little of widening rivers, damming streams to make lakes, or even recontouring the surrounding land; all such work was carried out by man and horse power alone.
It's a cosmetic, body recontouring procedure that removes pockets of fat in specific areas that don't respond to diet and exercise.
Adult patients with significant medical complications may be reluctant to undertake such an involved surgical course with total extremity recontouring as an endpoint, and their surgeons may share this reluctance.
Services vary from location to location, but at one site or another they include disassembly and inspection, recontouring and machining, land work on connecting rods.
That would require removing 6 million people that live in South Florida, and the agriculture, and recontouring the land and putting it back the way it was.
Due to the fact that erosion rates are expected to increase with slope gradient, mine reclamation includes recontouring to low slopes.
In the final phase of the project, after the Games, UDOT must restore all of the temporary lots to their original state by removing the recycled asphalt base, recontouring, spreading topsoil, and revegetating the areas.
The gold industry's commitment to environmental stewardship is centered on land reclamation, which involves recontouring and revegetating lands, restoring old wetlands or creating new ones, and often includes specific new uses for the land--as parks, wildlife habitats, and environmental study centers.
This recontouring keeps the gun in the hand and doesn't allow as much rollover during recoil.
These included relocating and shielding fuel tanks; strengthening, relocating, and redesigning filler necks; recontouring and eliminating adjacent components to eliminate contact and puncture points; and revising and recontouring fuel lines, suspension components, axle assemblies, and structural members.