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And while we never, ever once even considered applying the rule to reconstituting the human population, when you build models like that, who knows to what uses they might be applied by less scrupulous practitioners?
Those who are theologically inclined might wish to claim that God is capable of pulling off the technical feat of saving persons by reconstituting new bodies for them.
Others disagree and believe the exchange is only the first step for accomplishing ultimate objective of reconstituting the stripped securities into the underlying debt instruments.
Novakovic, Andrew (1982), "A Further Analysis of the Comparative cost of Reconstituting Beverage Milk Products," AER 82-32, Cornell University, (October).
In addition, he says, other neurotransmitters besides acetylcholine become deficient in Alzheimer's patients, making anything that depends entirely on reconstituting the acetylcholine system "a flawed strategy.
I am pleased to announce today the next step in reconstituting the Board: the Board unanimously decided to have a majority of new independent directors as soon as feasible.
The reconstituting of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee will lead the country to an unbiased and unauthentic data in the future as APTMA will manipulate cotton date according to its own wish," the sources said, adding that the government will also become helpless to fix unbiased cotton production target and release authentic date of it.