recognition site

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recognition site

a location on a nucleic acid or protein to which a specific ligand binds.


1. the act of recognizing or state of being recognized.
2. in immunology, a term used to describe the functional changes occurring in immunologically competent cells on contact with antigen, involving antigen binding with a receptor on the cell surface. Called also antigen recognition.

recognition sequence
most recognition sequences used by restriction enzymes are palindromes, some enzymes have more than one recognition sequence and some have nonpalindrome recognition sequences and may cut several nucleotides away from the recognition sequence. See also palindrome.
recognition site
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In other words, the quick uptake can be attributed to many of the imprinted cavities situated on the surface of the outer shell MIPs, which make the recognition sites available for template molecules resulting in shorter time to get the adsorption equilibrium [18, 22, 26, 37, 38].
A new idea is to use a restriction enzyme which has two separate recognition sites.
The percentage of nucleotide divergence was calculated using the restriction-site method of Nei and Li (1979) corrected for different numbers of nucleotides in the recognition sites.
Guanine at the SNV site (-360G) altered the recognition site of the enzyme; thus, in this instance, the PCR amplicon was digested only at the nonvariant site, generating a 93-bp product and a 490-bp product.
Either naturally occurring restriction sites were used or base changes were incorporated in one of the PCR primers to create a recognition site with one of the alleles of the polymorphic site.
The mutation produces a substitution of a cysteine (TGC) to arginine (CGC) in codon 116 of the AVP-NP II gene and creates a new recognition site for the restriction enzyme HaeII, in addition to two native HaeII recognition sites.
The recognition site can be either natural or induced during PCR by the use of mismatched primers.
The distinguishing feature of this project is that the recognition site for the carbohydrate target is spontaneously formed, driven by the carbohydrate target itself.
This seminal invention is at the origin of most current nuclease-based precise gene editing technologies involving Zinc Finger Nucleases, TALEN , Mega-TALE, BurrH Nucleases, as well as CRISPR, which all are chimeric endonucleases comprising a DNA binding sequence and a DNA cleavage domain with a recognition site of at least 12 base pairs (bp.
In the presence of alanine [M1(ala)] the BstEII recognition site at codon 213 was lost, and only two bands of 311 and 49 by were observed (Fig.
There are also additional restriction sites for both of these enzymes within the amplified region: one HaeIII site is near nt614; and one BbvI recognition site is near nt623.