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rescission (ri·siˑ·zhn),

n the termination of a contract, either by a party legally entitled to do so or by court order.
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If the transfer is to take place after the donor's death, the authority to enforce the recission power is frequently conveyed to a third party known as the enforcer, whose rights, responsibilities, and qualifications can be written into the contract.
Although threats of recission have been made by other contract vendess, Neveloff said he has already closed on 40 units, has closing scheduled for 30 more and is negotiation on 50 other units.
Femea referred to data from a sampling of five ACLI members' recission reporting forms for 2002 to 2004.
The administration opposed a Senate amendment to Title V of the recission bill that would have placed restrictions on the president's ability to direct foreign aid.
No such recission period applies to unprepared investors, however.
Recission of Regulations Involving Consultation with State and Local Governments, 48 Fed.
The agency was targeted for elimination by congressional leaders, its budget was the object of recission attempts, and agency officials proposed a radical reinvention to alter housing programs and the delivery system for federal housing assistance.
The resulting scenario here refutes "Advaita" in the sense that "mind=thoughts" and "body= sensations" are not taken as the only realities, leading to the recission of each in an encompassing sea of Bliss.
Joy Backer and Juan Shedrick: plaintiff alleges fraud, unlawful trade practices act, unjust enrichment, and recission.
Among the issues he raised were incentive-based systems that pay bonuses based on dollars saved on LTC policies, the recission rates of LTCI contracts that show up on Schedule F filings of companies' filed financial statements, and the need for standardized applications be cause of the "abominations" of some of the applications that currently were being given to consumers to fill out.
Now we were down to our last day to sign in order to make the three-day right of recission.