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Regarding ear diameter, the cross Q67 x L7-2 showed the highest SCA effects in direct crosses (Table 3) whereas, A556 x OH-41 had highest SCA effects in reciprocal crosses (Table 4).
No significant change was observed in the seed core weight and pulp/core ratio in reciprocal crosses compared with their parentage.
Hybrid larvae from both reciprocal crosses grew significantly faster than larvae from pure lines (Table 1), although the shell length values are within the range of those reported for pure M.
Reciprocal crosses between plants of P21 and CAS-14, and between plants of CAS-3 and CAS-14 were made in spring 2000.
Although the quantities of cross-sectional midtestes sperm bundles from the hybrids of the two reciprocal crosses of wild-type D.
Then, reciprocal crosses were made between TF8 and PU2 to produce TR and TS [F.
The remaining six traits were controlled by such reciprocal crosses which involve the general combiners (CIM-446 and CIM-554) as one of the parents and manifested maximum reciprocal effects for bolls per plant (CIM-707 A- CIM-446, 9.
ij] is the reciprocal effect involving the reciprocal crosses between the ith sire and jth dam line, and [e.
Result revealed that Early Premium, MX169, BC1 generation in reciprocal crosses were all susceptible, while segeragation was found in F2 (Table II).
In 1999, both the reciprocal crosses of the nonpromiscuous X promiscuous parents were produced in the greenhouse.
pseudoobscura bogotana, endemic to an isolated area near Bogota, Colombia [Prakash 1972; Dobzhansky 1974]) exhibit hybrid male sterility in only one direction of reciprocal crosses.