recipient site

recipient site,

n the site into which a graft or transplant material is placed. See also donor site.
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Hair transplantation is a hair restoration treatment in which individual hair follicles are moved from a part of the body known as the donor site to bald part of the body called the recipient site.
A thin even split thin graft is obtained by razor blade held with straight artery forceps and transferred on to a slide, the graft taken should be 5 mm larger than the recipient site to avoid peripigmentary hollow.
Tenders are invited for Osteochondral Autologous Transfer System: Intended For Use For Treatment Of Cartilage Defects In Articular Surfaces, Standard Imported Make With Usfda Product Approval, System Comprises Of Instruments For Cartilage Harvesting From Donor Site, Recipient Site Prepartion,Alignment System And Extruder System For Insertion Of Cartilage Bearing Bone Plug To Recipeint Site,Available In Sizes Of 6, 8,10Mm Plugs, Technical Assistance And Instruments Must Be Made Available In Ot On Date Of Surgery
Versatile design of the expanded scalp flap can distribute the expanded hair-bearing scalp properly in the reconstructed recipient site.
Traditionally, relocating gopher tortoises out of training areas would incur permitting fees and recipient site costs.
Local grafts from the oral cavity have several advantages on extra-orally harvested grafts as they exhibit little resorption and excellent incorporation at the recipient site.
The patient donor and recipient site had been selected carefully according to criteria believed to provide a favorable prognosis.
Depending on the requirements at the recipient site, a graft of various sizes can be obtained.
The donor skin is cut and stretched to form a mesh that fits in the large recipient site.
After extraction, these FUs were palced in the recipient site according to the pre-operative plan.
7) The pedicle flap was then covered over the recipient site on 31 and finger pressure was applied with a gauze piece until the graft was firmly seated.
During the first stage--the surgery--a recipient site of the same shape and size as the implant is created in the jawbone.