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Plasma membrane estrogen receptor mediates neuroprotection against [beta]-amyloid toxicity through activation of Raf-1/MEK/ERK cascade in septal-derived cholinergic SN56 cells.
Effect of cadmium on estrogen receptor levels and estrogen-induced responses in human breast cancer cells.
Recruitment of the NCoA/SRC1/p160 family of transcriptional coactivators by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor/aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator complex.
In particular, the CCR2 chemokine receptor is believed to be important in the formation of MS lesions as it appears to facilitate the movement of inflammatory cells across the blood-brain barrier.
Thus, activation of this receptor by MEHP occurs either through release of endogenous fatty acids from FABPs or through a yet unidentified intermediate factor.
Amir Pelleg, Duska's President and Chief Scientific Officer said: "We are pleased with the results obtained in this study at the Imperial College, which further validate Duska's target receptor in the lungs and strengthen the rationale behind the development of Vagonixen(TM).
Test-tube studies had indicated that the sedative and antianxiety effects of benzodiazepines depend upon different subunits of the GABA-A receptor.
To detect these amino acids, Anslyn's team filled each of 96 wells on a plate with a different solution of receptor compounds, all of which were either left- or right-handed, and indicator dyes.
This case represents a rare complication of antituberculous vaccination, that is a progressive, disseminated BCG infection in a patient with deficiency of IFN-[gamma] receptor.
Still other receptor mutations allow nonandrogens (such as the estrogens) and even androgen inhibitors to stimulate cancer growth.
It's harder for dopamine to find a D2 receptor to bind to, so it takes more dopamine for you to feel pleasure.
Tell students that scientists know, that D2 receptor levels are lower in people who suffer from obesity or drug or alcohol addiction.

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