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the mental faculty that enables one to retain and recall previously experienced sensations, impressions, information, and ideas. The ability of the brain to retain and to use knowledge gained from past experience is essential to the process of learning. Although the exact way in which the brain remembers is not completely understood, it is believed that a portion of the temporal lobe of the brain, lying in part under the temples, acts as a kind of memory center, drawing on memories stored in other parts of the brain.
impaired memory a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as inability to remember bits of information or behavioral skills.
immunologic memory the capacity of the immune system to respond more rapidly and strongly to a subsequent antigenic challenge than to the first exposure. See also memory cells and immune response.
long-term memory the aspect of memory in which knowledge is stored permanently, to be activated when cued; it is theoretically unlimited in capacity.
recent memory the ability to recall events from the immediate past.
remote memory the ability to recall events from the distant past.
screen memory a consciously tolerable memory serving to conceal or “screen” another memory that might be disturbing or emotionally painful if recalled.
short-term memory what one is conscious of at a given moment; in contrast to long-term memory it is of limited capacity (about seven items) and will be lost unless rehearsed and related to information in long-term memory.

recent memory

Neurology Memory between short-term and long-term memory
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A few national pavilions are noteworthy: Bill Viola presents an ambitious group of works in the American Pavilion - at the entrance, a piece about communication breakdown, with a corridor of video faces gagged and incapable of meaningful speech; at the exit, a video reenactment of Pontormo's Annunciation that is one of the few artworks in recent memory to quote an art-historical masterpiece and breathe some contemporary life into it.
Furcal gives the Dodgers, one of the National League's worst offensive clubs in 2005, a legitimate leadoff man for the first time in recent memory.
Sullivan, overall office leasing activity at the Empire State Building is enjoying one of its busiest sustained periods in recent memory, with both new leases and renewals significantly ahead of last year's pace.
Among the materials Mursuli said are being distributed is a "Gay Manifesto," which suggests gays and lesbians not only demand that society instruct "young people in homosexuality" but that they also aim to "subject orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory.
In 2004, spending broached the $1 billion mark for the first time in recent memory and 2005 continued the upward trend with spending topping $2.
The USC women's basketball team pulled off one of the biggest recruiting coups in recent memory when Jacki Gemelos, a 6-foot guard from St.
Besides the non-profit sector, overall office leasing activity at the Empire State Building is enjoying one of its busiest sustained periods in recent memory.
And no star of recent memory shaped herself so heroically as the late Greek-American soprano Maria Callas.
Gong" and his record label are putting a huge, worldwide push behind the second phase of what is certainly the most praised and respected reggae music effort to be released in recent memory.
Firefighters responded to about 175 fires on the Fourth of July - the busiest day in recent memory - and officials on Tuesday blamed illegal fireworks for much of the increased activity.
An accelerating rate of job creation in the New York metropolitan area and good news in the commercial real estate market are combining to make 2004 one of the best in recent memory for Westchester County retailers and property owners.
Nature has seen and dealt with floods before and, for many species, these rains represent opportunities of success that they have not had in recent memory.

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