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n a written acknowledgment by one person of having received money or something of value from another.
receipt book,
n the book in which one of the dental staff fills out forms verifying that a specific amount of money has been paid to the account.
References in classic literature ?
The box will reach you by wagon, on the day after your receipt of this letter.
But the best receipt (best, I say, to work, and best to take) is the admonition of a friend.
The receipt of this draft for ten thousand dollars, under all these circumstances, partially lifted a burden that had been pressing down upon me for days.
There's your receipt, Soldier; and now I'm responsible for the prisoner.
Nesbitt bit his lip, but he said nothing till he had the receipt and had fastened it up in his pocket.
How long ha' ye been goin' tull sea,' says I, 'not tull be knowin' the mate's duty uz tull deluver no cargo wuthout receipt for same?
The registering woman began copying the address on the receipt form, in a business-like manner cheering and delightful to see.
The first San Francisco newspaper to which I mailed it never acknowledged receipt of the manuscript, but held on to it.
Ye'll no' mind," he added, suddenly returning to business, "writin' me joost a line--in the way o' receipt, ye ken--to clear me o' ony future suspicion in the matter o' the letter?
The next day go to my office, see the head clerk, and say, 'I have come to sign my receipt.
He therefore had recourse to his usual receipt of patience, for, though he was not a great adept in Latin, he remembered, and well understood, the advice contained in these words
Vronsky's valet came in to ask him to sign a receipt for a telegram from Petersburg.