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The whole blood ISI was preferred because of the small but constant difference in ISI between plasma and whole blood that persisted even with our modified recalcification.
Similarly the plasma recalcification time was noted 10 min after the intravenous administration of heparin (1 mg/kg) and the formulation, Caps HT2 (5 mg/kg).
Thus, clotting time of the whole blood, recalcification time, activated recalcification time of the common and thrombocytes-free plasma have the biggest value in spring and the least one--in autumn.
Within 10-15 s after recalcification, test plasma was added to the CoaguChek test strip; the observed INR value was recorded.
In addition, doctors reported that she showed evidence of recalcification and bone regeneration at tumor sites in her pelvic region.
These samples did not require recalcification before testing.
Our results show that recalcification of serum to which sufficient EDTA was added to abolish PON1 activity can restore only ~40% of the paraoxonase activity.
When PT or PTT is performed, part of the recalcification during testing is to inactivate the excess citrate while simultaneously testing for the concentration of coagulation factors.
The plasma was applied within 15 s of recalcification to the test strip/cards, and the monitor-displayed INR was recorded.