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One of those ways is the rebound effect of a kind word or gesture.
It was shown that centre distance multifocal lenses had good outcomes in controlling myopia, and had, in some studies, seen less of a rebound effect compared to other methods such as low dose atropine or multifocal spectacles.
Additional icing and the rebound effect of thawing tree limbs on power lines today caused additional outages.
The challenge according to El-Khazindar will be moving beyond the short-term growth that is largely the result of a rebound effect to sustainable long-term economic development that will result in a tangible improvement in the standard of living for all Egyptians.
Specifically, if the decision to purchase a hybrid is influenced by vehicle miles, with high vehicle mile drivers more likely to purchase a hybrid vehicle, then the OLS estimates will overstate the true rebound effect associated with hybrid purchase.
As Rebound Effect Weakens, Job Growth Takes Center Stage
The researchers noted that "behavioral therapy, specifically parent training, can be effective for ADHD management and has no known BMI rebound effect.
Closer to the surface of the seafloor, where rocks are softer and less compressed, this rebound effect was thought to taper off.
This vital or homeostatic reaction of the organism can be scientifically explained by the rebound effect of drugs, resulting in worsening of symptoms after suspension of treatment.
Aostrong forward momentum beyond the rebound effect seen in the first half of 2012Ao.
However, Nix cautioned that survey results indicate that the reasons for growth should be primarily attributed to the rebound effect from the deep recession that started in 2008, rather than from the "implementation of well thought out sales strategies.