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The KATOR Suture Anchor System represents a new paradigm in tissue-to-bone reattachment.
A serious circumcision complication: Penile shaft amputation and a new reattachment technique with a successful outcome.
Bell and coworkers, (26) in a retrospective review, evaluated nonoperative, brachialis tenodesis, and anatomic reattachment with various fixation methods and found that tenodesis to the brachialis resulted in a 40% decrease in supination strength and 17% decrease in flexion strength, which was equivalent to nonoperative management.
Petrus Hospital in Bonn, expressed skepticism over press reports of successful reattachment of severed limbs in an article that appeared in Orthopidie Technik, January 1963.
A major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity costs $69,388 for Parkland Medical Center in Derry but just $31,677 at Keene's Cheshire Hospital.
com site, which gives access to the contents and to 55 videos demonstrating principles and techniques of retinal reattachment, complicated forms of retinal detachment, vitreous surgery for macular disorders, retinal vascula diseases, complications in vitreoretinal surgery, occular tumors, and miscellaneous topics.
Dr Karoo added: "An injury like this is devastating for a patient and we never know when starting such a case if the reattachment of the limb will survive.
Primarily used in acetabular labral reattachment and hip capsular repair, the implant is designed to provide a precise and stable construct with a streamlined technique.
Reattachment would mean much surgery, months of rehabilitation and no certain outcome.
An improved laboratory reattachment method for the rapid assessment of adult barnacle adhesion strength to fouling-release marine coatings--Shane Stafslien, Justin Daniels, James Bahr, Bret Chisholm, Abdullah Ekin, Dean Webster, Beatriz Orihuela.
Abstract Modifications have been made to the previously described adult barnacle laboratory reattachment method to enhance and improve the overall utility of this technique for rapidly assessing the efficacy of novel fouling-release marine coating technologies.
The Whipple Procedure is a complicated surgery, involving the removal and reattachment of portions of several organs, including the pancreas, the small intestine, the stomach, the gallbladder, and the common bile duct.