reasonable fee

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reasonable fee,

n the fee charged by a dental professional for a specific dental procedure that has been modified by the nature and severity of the condition being treated and by any medical or dental complications or unusual circumstances; therefore may differ from the dental professional's “usual” fee or the benefit administrator's “customary” fee.
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The entitlement to a reasonable fee was Forthuber's right, not his attorney's, the appellate court said.
Plan fiduciaries are given the benefit of the doubt when they apply best practices and document their monitoring process to select service providers, share classes, and funds, replace poorly per forming funds, and negotiate reasonable fees paid with plan assets.
If, however, testimony is elicited that reasonably may be considered to be opinions based on specialized skill and knowledge that fall within Federal Rule of Evidence 702, then the physician may properly be characterized as an expert witness and is entitled to a reasonable fee for time spent in responding to discovery.
However, if the organization's policy calls for prepayment of reasonable fees for copying and postage, it must provide the copies within 30 days of receiving same.
Often legitimate claims are not made because there isn't enough money involved to pay a claimant's attorney a reasonable fee.
So the "sole" standard for the determination of a reasonable fee for an injured worker's attorney is a percentage (roughly 10 percent) of the "benefits achieved.
Adders manager Ron Bradbury said: ''We'll want a reasonable fee but no way will we price him out of the market.
The trial court quite sensibly rejected this claim on the ground that the contingent-fee agreement the attorney had with his client set the upper limit of a reasonable fee.
Barry Town are happy to pay a fair and reasonable fee for use of Jenner Park - and we are happy to allow other teams the use of our changing rooms and stand in return for a fair and reasonable fee.
The new rules provide for the secured party to charge a reasonable fee to attend a settlement closing, unless held at the office of the secured party.
Anybody wishing to have their website designed and hosted for a very reasonable fee should contact Scott's website.
We receive numerous telephone calls and comments from people who feel the Adventure Pass is a reasonable fee, and that they can see the improvements and appreciate the good things that have come out of it.

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