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Ultimately, Martha Washington declined Thornton's offer to reanimate her husband, but not because it seemed too crazy to her.
In such a way, just like Victor, Walton constructs, indeed reanimates, his "creature" in a closed and private chamber, doing all of the intimate labor himself by the dim light of oil and candle: feeding, attending, massaging, soothing.
The researchers are contemplating the use of a similar approach could be used to reanimate other facial features, create an artificial diaphragm to assist breathing, or in replacements fingers and hands.
Buckingham reanimates stories, both real and fictive, to tease out their possible relevance for the present, their transhistorical resonances.
Instead of rising to the challenge of reform laid down by the people of Europe, the EU summit decided to put the constitution on ice so that the European elite can think of some way to reanimate the corpse.
He wanted this council to reanimate the faith of Christians in order to allow them to contribute to the well-being of the world.
Quest Object Restore for Active Directory Provides Graphical Interface to View and Reanimate Deleted Items
We need to reanimate the park with things like theatre groups and concerts.
Playing out in 1970s suburbia, we meet science-obsessed schoolboy Victor Frankenstein who uses an electrical storm to reanimate his bull terrier Sparky after he meets a sticky end under a car.
On the way home from a school-sponsored ski trip in the wilds of Scotland, a small group of high school students is faced with the ultimate test when their classmates and teachers mysteriously drop dead, only to reanimate into flesh-craving zombies.
UTS's facility will assemble railcars for shipment nationally and internationally, thus helping to reanimate an industry once prominent in Philadelphia as well as to re-establish the region as a corporate headquarters.
Paul Housley's paintings dredge the past to reclaim banal, second-hand imagery and reanimate dead metaphors.