real image

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real im·age

an image formed by the convergence of the actual rays of light from an object.
Synonym(s): inverted image

real image

The image formed by convergence of rays of light from an object.
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Results have shown that Harris detector combined with Global and Local Curvature Points (GLC) improved the detection rate by 28% in synthetic images, but 50% in real images whereas, the combination of Shi's detection algorithm with GLC enhanced the detection rate by 25.
Djalil, for his part, said Islam attaches special significance to peace, friendship and moderation and that Iran and Indonesia can play a significant role in presenting the real image of Islam to the world.
The strategy also led to creation of special departments for 10 TV channels and 10 radio stations, as well as a production directorate and a general directorate for foreign communication to convey the real image of Bahrain to the world.
The event aimed at reflecting the real image of Tripoli; a city that loves life and rejects all types of violence and fighting.
According to Rizaov, the living conditions of the domestic animals in the EU, the students in Skopje and prisoners in Norway are in some places seen as the grotesque of the 21st century while at some places as a completely real image of the standards of living of people and animals.
President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, hailed Jordan's efforts to promote dialogue between peoples and convey the real image Islam to all peoples of the world.
These cars reflect the real image of Dubai Police which provide the best services for people in the emirate and Dubai visitors," Al Muzaina said.
The delegates praised the two countries relations, voicing hope to get the needed help for the Chinese media office in Amman to transfer the real image of the Jordanian cultural, social and political reality for the Chinese people.
Interacting with a Chinese delegation, Gilani lauded the Chinese leadership for acknowledging Pakistan's counterterrorism efforts and the Chinese media for projecting the real image of Pakistan.
He affirmed that security apparatuses will track down on terror elements to eradicate the country of their evil, considering this sorrowful incident a reflection of the real image of this terror group.
The figures presented by the former board don't reflect the real image.
In the third of the illusionist's events, he tries to psychically project an image to viewers, asking for their impressions of the picture before revealing the real image.

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