real image

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real im·age

an image formed by the convergence of the actual rays of light from an object.
Synonym(s): inverted image

real image

The image formed by convergence of rays of light from an object.
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Analysis of selected properties of method by simulated and real images is presented as well.
She told the crowd: "That's not the real image of Pakistan.
FOR the roll of our distinguished citizens, there are many who deserve due commemoration, particularly in an age which is keen to appreciate the real image of the city.
It was the case that almost each male that selected an image that was smaller than their real image stated that they did so because they thought it was taller.
Beckman had been in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse for just a year when he joined the cast of MTV's The Real World in its 2002 Chicago season, thereby becoming most Americans' first real image of a young gay man overcoming addiction.
They are Whirlwind, Crazy Crane, Hyperbolic Slot, Real Image and Animate It.
If it's not TWA 6B, then unquestionably someone in the next few years is going to have the first real image of what people will think of as a bona fide planet.
Chris Slinger, head of holography at Dera, said: 'We can create a real image floating in space.
Nobody really knows what direction it's going to go,'' admitted Tim Rust, vice president of digital systems for Studio City-based Real Image Digital Cinema.
At the dawn of the new millennium, we urge Muslim clergymen to consolidate their efforts in Nazareth and in the Holy Lands elsewhere to reflect on the real image of coexistence between Arab Muslims and Christians," the Prince said.
The beginning of the end of the celluloid era in film-making was signaled last week when Technicolor agreed to pay $23m for a 49% interest in Real Image Technology Inc, which has developed a range of processes to compress, encrypt and store films digitally.
NEW DELHI, India -- Real Image Media Technologies, the exclusive reseller for Avid in the country, today announced that India's pioneering multimedia group, United Television (UTV), has chosen the Avid Unity ISIS solution for its Business news channel - UTVi.

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