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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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The real estate market today has very strong upper currents (low interest rates, high demand), forcing many real estate fundamentals to flow under (investment strategies, supply requirements).
Opportunistic real estate includes troubled buildings to be torn down or overhauled, or raw land that will be developed.
Staying ahead of the market is a hallmark of how Primo and Carter managed to create the largest African American real estate advisory firm in the country.
M owns 70% of ABC Partners, a general partnership that rents commercial real estate properties.
Then, in 2002, the company took advantage of the red-hot market in commercial real estate.
Commenters in favor of the proposal, most notably bank and financial services trade associations at this point, have presented a variety of arguments in support of finding that real estate brokerage is a financial activity.
O'Mara, a professor of real estate development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
Proponents of current value reporting argue that under the historical cost model, the amounts at which real estate assets are reported (acquisition cost less depreciation) do not fully inform users about the probable future benefit of those assets to the entity for the following reasons:
Gabriel's research has focused on real estate capital markets, mortgage prepayment and default risk, and urban housing and labor markets.
Mundt, president and chief investment officer of Principal Real Estate Investors.
The question started a discussion about how the company's real estate requirements could dovetail with its corporate objectives, which included broadening the financial services it provides and publicly reinforcing its stability as well as its 138-year history.
At the same time, thrift institutions looking for added revenues to offset other problems, banks experiencing a loss of customers to other lenders and to the open market, and foreign banks seeking to expand their presence in the United States, all decided to lend aggressively in the real estate sector.

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