segment of a bifocal lens

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segment of a bifocal lens (seg) 

An area of a bifocal lens of a power different to that of the main portion. Syn. portion. There is the distance portion, which has the correction for distance vision, and the near or reading portion, which has the correction for near vision. See intermediate portion.
References in classic literature ?
The socialist press of the country took up the fight, however, and throughout the reading portion of the working class it was known that the book had been suppressed.
Young Mr Knox was reading portions of that poem to her when his lordship come upon them.
The reading portion consists of "in-lesson" and "at-home" parts.
The SAT Verbal/Critical Reading Portion, for example, has shown a steep decline over the last several decades in students' reading abilities.
The reading portion of the program changed considerably for students, depending on the grade and the user's skill level.
The average score for the reading portion of the test remained unchanged from the 2014-15 school year.
On the reading portion, students will see source texts from literature, literary non-fiction, science, history and social studies, and be asked to analyze them the way they would in class.
About 40 percent of the total reading prescriptions would work for shooting a pistol, which is the reading portion of your prescription added to the distant prescription.
From 2005 to 2011, Massachusetts students topped their counterparts from every other state on each administration of the reading portion of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as "the nation's report card.
While the test did not indicate that the variable predicted AHSGE outcomes in reading; results indicated that the probability that a student would pass the reading portion of the AHSGE did increase with the number of agricultural classes taken.
Results of this study revealed that the strongest predictors of total NBDHE scores were the scores on the reading portion of the ACT (r=0.
Beginning this fall, the reading portion of the language arts curriculum will include civics education content for all grade levels.