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nursing Ease with which written or printed material can be read and understood; important in assessment of patient teaching.
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Machine readable passport has been working in 37 countries and 50 more cells will be established in the next phase.
UAE Exchange will be the access point for all expatriates from Bangladesh to make payment for various consular services including Machine Readable Passport (MRP).
The court ruled that equipment for machine readable passports should be installed at all Pakistani embassies across the world as soon as possible and staff be appointed as well.
The SRM-15 Series are true Sunlight Readable monitors.
Deadline to implement new machine readable instruments postponed
The Readable Code and Regs: Partnerships, 2009 Edition
Kyrgyzstan introduced a new type of machine readable passports in 2004, which meet requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which sets international standards and rules for travel documents.
Adopting readable cards is part of an overall drive by the company to simplify health insurance administration, he said.
GETAC Inc, a specialist rugged mobile computer manufacturer and a subsidiary company of MiTAC Technology Corporation, announced on Wednesday (10 September) its new V100 ultra-light hybrid Notebook/Tablet PC with advanced Sunlight Readable Technology.
CompSci's XBRL rendering engine dynamically converts raw XBRL data into human readable documents on demand and in real time," said Ron Lord, Chief Operating Officer of CompSci.
Harold Ellens, who is at once a scholar, psychologist, and pastor, has brought all these points of view together in this very readable book and has woven them together with great skill, warmth, and charm.
The bottom line is that manual and automated forms must be readable and correct.