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abbreviation for random-access memory.


male, entire sheep which has attained sexual maturity at about the age of 6 months.

ram effect
introduction of a ram into a flock of non-pregnant ewes in the period between deep anestrus and the commencement of the breeding season tends to advance the onset of estrus and enhances its synchronization.
ram epididymitis
ram mating harness
leather or webbing harness worn around the forequarters and carrying a marking crayon or paint pad on the brisket to mark the rumps of ewes that have been mated.
stud ram
pedigree ram used to mate with purebred ewes.
teaser ram
vasectomized ram. See also teaser.
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The technology has been widely deployed over the past decade, but recent advances in form, size and read/write memory are moving RFID into a host of new embedded systems, like the Zellweger application, where system components and even 'consumable' materials can communicate and interact with host machines," said Dave Slinger, vice president, Texas Instruments.
Users of the chip in the retail and supply chain environment can make full use of the 256 bits of read/write memory to store additional information onto the chip if required.