gemistocytic astrocyte

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ge·mis·to·cyt·ic as·tro·cyte

a round to oval astrocyte cell with abundant cytoplasm containing glial filaments and an eccentric nucleus; may contain two nuclei in the cell; hypertrophy of astrocytes.


a neuroglial cell of ectodermal origin, characterized by fibrous or protoplasmic processes; collectively called astroglia or macroglia.

gemistocytic astrocyte
a plump astrocyte which results from injury to nervous tissue. Usually an extensive area is involved.
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The current pathogenesis of paraneoplastic peripheral eosinophilia appears to be a response to cytokine production and usually involves production of interletikin-5 (IL-5) within the tumor, either by malignant or by reactive cells, especially [CD.
16] Morphologic features of T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma include a polymorphous population of lymphocytes that are greater than 50% reactive T cells and a variable mixture of other reactive cells, such as eosinophils, plasma cells, and macrophages.
In pursuit of these goals, the NCI invites applications that address the following areas: 1) Development of high-throughput technologies for identifying abnormal exfoliated ceils and subcellular materials in body fluids; 2) Development of sampling technologies for capturing and preserving exfoliated tumor cells and subcellular materials in body fluids; 3) Development of enrichment methods for the isolation of tumor cells and subcellular materials; 4) Development of sensitive, high-throughput molecular, cytomorphometric, immunologic, and other relevant technologies to isolate tumor cells or subcellular materials in malignant effusions to help detect low tumor burden and distinguish reactive cells from tumor cells.

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