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re·ac·tance (X),

The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.


(X) (rē-ak'tăns)
1. The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.
2. In psychology, emotional response to pressure in which someone acts against rules and regulations that restrict particular behaviors.
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Moreover, we can conclude that the damping torque provided by the proposed design depends greatly on the system loading and the line reactance.
Another important modification of the classical model and methodology of obtaining capability P-Q diagram is taking into account dependence of the direct-axis synchronous reactance with the machine magnetic saturation level which also varies with the operating point.
However, there is usually a relatively large reactance of the pulsed generator and the rotor speed decreases when the pulsed generator is powering the magnet.
IEEE Standard 112 specifies that the stator and rotor leakage reactances have a specific ratio for a certain NEMA design (IEEE 2004).
In class E, it is enough to use a slightly mistuned parallel circuit having an inductive reactance at the fundamental frequency and capacitive reactances at the harmonic components.
We found that the measured values of resistances and reactances are very close to the computed ones.
s] blocks can afford required susceptances and reactances at [f.
In implementing this transform each series branch combination of an inductor and a constant reactance is transformed into a crystal.
The calculations at medium temperature +20[degrees]C (the resistance of the supply circuit is 165 [OMEGA]) shows that the leakage reactance of cage winding practically changes negligibly, while the resistances of rotor teeth and yoke decrease to (42-44) % and appropriately the leakage reactances decrease to (13-16) %.
If the correct feedback reactance is added, oscillations can occur from very low frequencies to the approximate maximum oscillation frequency [f.
Common source series feedback was used because of the ease of introducing a reactance in the source.
There will be a maximum reactance magnitude consistent with the boundary conditions of |V.