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re·ac·tance (X),

The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.


(X) (rē-ak'tăns)
1. The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.
2. In psychology, emotional response to pressure in which someone acts against rules and regulations that restrict particular behaviors.
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These results contradict the psychological reactance hypothesis, according to which the fair disclosure statement may harm the more literate group by leading them to choose the opposite from the agent's recommendation.
Given that caster resistance is specifically pertinent in turning maneuvers, inertial reactance should be compared with an estimate of the caster scrub turning resistance, which is the resistance experienced when casters swivel on the ground.
With equivalent circuit methods, the performance of an induction motor at any load point is determined from its equivalent circuit coupled with six circuit parameters: stator winding, rotor winding, and core loss resistances as well as stator leakage, rotor leakage, and magnetizing reactances (Hughes 2006; Wildi 2002).
Following the above argument, truth ads are likely to induce reactance against the tobacco industry because these ads implicate tobacco industry is responsible for the ill-fate of smokers.
They answered questions on the schemer schema and psychological reactance followed by an eighteen item NFC scale developed by Cacioppo, Petty, and Kao (1984).
A TCR consists of a reactance connected in series with a pair of thyristors with a fixed value parallel-connected capacitor [3].
Body composition was assessed by a single-frequency electrical bioimpedance analyser (EFG, Akern, Pontassieve, Italy), giving values of bodily resistance and reactance that were integrated with sex, age, weight and height and processed by Bodygram PRO software (Akern, Pontassieve, Italy).
It is determined by the particular combination of resistance, inductive reactance, and capacitive reactance in a given circuit system and is a function of frequency.
For a general discussion of reactance theory, see JACK W.
Unlike conventional GIS solutions, G/Technology can also track load analysis, voltage, phasing, reactance, impedance and many other attributes required for advanced Smart Grid systems.
In GDH obese subjects body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), fat mass (FM), and resistance (R) were higher while reactance (Xc), phase angle, body cell mass (BCM), IGF-I, or IGF-I z-scores were lower than in normal responders (p<0.