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7,16] Study shows that topical zinc is better than oral supplement as 1% zinc oxide cream increases mitotic and re-epithelialisation rate.
There were 26(52%) patients of corneal ulcers, of whom re-epithelialisation occurred in 21(80.
This study investigated whether KC patients who used the CXL and two different CLs (Balafilcon A and Hioxifilcon A) showed any differences in complaints following the CXL and the time of corneal re-epithelialisation.
Patients were usually discharged when they became asymptomatic and after re-epithelialisation of the lesion had been observed on subsequent endoscopy.
The product is being developed to accelerate re-epithelialisation of large corneal epithelial defects.
Once the corneal surface has been ablated, re-epithelialisation can occur.
Proliferation of sweat duct epithelium in scar areas and in re-epithelialisation of healing wounds is reported to be a common response.
6] Delayed cooling of porcine burns for 1 or 3 hours also showed improved wound re-epithelialisation and decreased the amount of scar tissue that developed.
Tropical application of allogenic MSCs resulted in more rapid re-epithelialisation and increased collagen deposition and angiogenesis in a canine wound healing model [6].
1) Evidence points to this as a metaplastic condition in reaction to ulceration and re-epithelialisation, the columnar epithelium replacing the normal stratified squamous epithelium.
Four concurrent processes occur in the proliferation phase: fibroplasia, matrix deposition, neovascularisation and re-epithelialisation.