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tr.v. rein·forced, rein·forcing, rein·forces
a. To reward (an experimental subject, for example) with a reinforcer subsequent to a desired response or performance.
b. To encourage (a response) by means of a reinforcer.

re′in·force′a·ble adj.
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As if to re-enforce his company's commitment to Greater Sudbury, Ferreira announced a $375,000 donation to the Sudbury Food Bank.
With a whole range of upgraded and expanded facilities, and the highest number of confirmed exhibitors in its history, the six in the series aims to re-enforce SOFEX as the most important event on the counter terrorism calendar.
This includes new measures to re-enforce the supervision and control of private banks.
Some in party worry new riding nominees will re-enforce notion of 'hidden agenda'," the subtitle asserted.
And one of the challenges for me as an actor is to try to reflect that in the performance I give while at the same time conjuring up certain aspects of his personality, his physicality, his occasional mangling of the English language, but at the same time, underneath that, re-enforce what I believe.
global brands and the signing of our two latest contracts will re-enforce our
The objective of IL instruction to Soc 20 is to re-enforce students' basic research skills, deepen their awareness and knowledge of sociologically related resources, and sharpen their critical evaluation skills of such resources and the information they provide.
For the PCI unit, this manufacturing joint venture will re-enforce our strategic focus to the energy curing technology for the future," said Patrice Pinsard, vice president of Cognis and global market manager of the polymers, coatings and inks (PCI) unit.
But why shouldn't schools be there to refine and re-enforce the useful and necessary skills of everyday life?
Assistants in an implant practice should use every opportunity to positively re-enforce the treatment plan when the doctor is out of the treatment room.
Try standing on your left foot at the same time to re-enforce the fact you're shifting your life to the left.
The acquisition will also re-enforce Ahlstrom's position in Spain, where it now operates out of two sales offices.