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Abbreviation for resistance, airway.

airway resistance (Raw)

a measure of the impedance to airflow through the bronchopulmonary system. It is the reciprocal of airway conductance.


Drug slang
noun A regional term for crack cocaine.

Nutrition adjective
Not cooked, bloody.

Vox populi
adjective Unseasoned, inexperienced.


in its natural state; uncooked; unaltered.

raw data
see raw data.
raw fiber
see fiber2.

Patient discussion about raw

Q. Is raw vegan diet good for health? If not, why? Hi I am fond of raw vegan diet. Is raw vegan diet good for health? If not, why?

A. Undoubtedly raw vegan diet promises light weight and healthy bones. Interestingly, individuals’ consuming raw vegan diet has had a low bone mass. People who consumed raw vegan diet have a low body fat, lighter bones, higher levels of vitamin D and reduced levels of inflammatory makers. The underlying risk is that they are more prone to osteoporosis and osteopenia (severe bone loss).

Q. My friends guide me and say that it is not good to eat rice raw. I like eating raw rice a lot. I cannot stop eating. My friends guide me and say that it is not good to eat rice raw. They don’t have the reason to explain, when I ask. Can anyone explain?

A. See, Raw Rice eating is children’s habit. But it’s not unhealthy, at all. The rice swells in your stomach. If you eat in large amount, it may lead to discomfort. May be your stomach filled with raw rice had swollen and it may burst your stomach and it had happened to many. If you love so much better soak it in water, properly cook and have it. One thing is worth saying that, almost all raw food gives good nutrition and so the raw rice.

Q. How can I catch Salmonella? Yesterday I ate a mousse which was made from raw eggs. Could I have caught Salmonella?

A. Salmonella infections usually resolve in 5-7 days and often do not require treatment unless the patient becomes severely dehydrated or the infection spreads from the intestines. Persons with severe diarrhea may require rehydration, often with intravenous fluids (IV). Antibiotics are not usually necessary unless the infection spreads from the intestines.

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With a view to trade negotiations on this subject, the Council asks the Commission to pursue "firmly" the use of "binding disciplines" on trade and investment measures related to raw materials, ie regarding export duties and restrictions, dual pricing and investment issues, as well development of a monitoring mechanism for export restrictions.
Variation in the weights of individual ingredients, the order of addition, timing of addition and discharge, initial temperature of the raw materials and ingredients, and the process environment all contribute to batch-to-batch variation.
This environmental liability can become a new resource of raw material for a cement plant.
The EIP will help to ensure more sustainable access for European industry to raw materials by creating better linkages between existing policy instruments, reinforcing Member State co-ordination in the field of raw materials and promoting the development of integrated value chains in the private sector.
However, according to various sources, large-scale scrap metal exports from the Ukraine to Turkey caused shortages of the raw material at Ukrainian mills and foundries.
Initially the raw material was tested for its proximate chemical analysis and compared with those of common papermaking raw materials.
Geon uses hydrogen chloride as a source of chlorine, a raw material for making PVC at its LaPorte, TX plant.
Its suppliers' health is the mill's own health -- these two are inseparable as the mill is predicated on recovered paper as the primary raw material.