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ratification (rat´ifikā´shən),

n confirmation of a previous act.
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French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who co-chaired Thursday's session, also appealed to the nine states which have yet to ratify the pact to do so, so the treaty can come into force.
not all member states ratify the constitution, the matter is referred to the European Council, to the summit of the European Union, that will address the issue.
In an effort to ease those concerns, the Senate took a conditional vote in 2002 to ratify the Rome Statute.
The vote to ratify was not as overwhelmingly positive as it was in other dioceses.
With Prime Minister Jean Chretien pushing to ratify Kyoto before the end of this year, Canada will be the only NAFTA partner to do so," he says, "This is going to put Canadian companies at a tremendous disadvantage.
A member of the Japanese government delegation to the ILO said, "It is difficult for Japan to ratify the revised treaty.
TOKYO, March 3 Kyodo China has told Japan that it plans to ratify soon the global Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) on nuclear weapons, Foreign Ministry officials said Wednesday.
In Montreal, Japan submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) its papers that ratify the protocol signed in Montreal in May 1984 for revising the convention on international civil aviation, the officials said.
I do hope that all the allies will ratify in time," he said.
PITTSBURGH -- News From USW: More than 1,600 ASARCO, LLC workers at five plants in two states voted overwhelmingly this week to ratify a contract with the copper mining company.
Richard Bruton, TD, today announced the Government s decision to ratify the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (No.