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ratification (rat´ifikā´shən),

n confirmation of a previous act.
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They say that the assembly Committee on Political System and Interethnic Relations is the only one that can decide whether the Law on the Assembly should be ratified with a Badinter majority.
The following programme has been ratified for accreditation: HND Computer Aided Draughting and Design This programme has been ratified to give membership of the IED for seven years from intake year 2007.
Pilots for Northwest Airlines ratified a new contract that includes a large pay cut.
Japan has not ratified the agreement because an organization managing the resource of migratory fish in the western and central Pacific did not finalize conservation methods and was thus concerned that Japanese fisheries could be badly affected by its final decision.
Additionally, notes Hannan, all 25 member governments--that is, ruling elites, rather than populations--have ratified the constitution.
The United States, which hasn't ratified the treaty, allied with major oil producers and some developing countries and attempted to derail plans for a 2005 meeting to discuss greenhouse-gas reductions after 2012.
The membership of the Directors Guild of America has ratified a new three-year contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the DGA announced Tuesday.
RUSSIA'S lower house of parliament ratified the Kyoto Protocol on combating global warming yesterday, putting the sweeping environmental pact firmly on the road to realisation.
So whether or not it is ratified, the arguments between the federalists and proponents of a Europe of nations will still be raging.
May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Carpenters, lathers, piledrivers and millwrights in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota have ratified new contracts ranging from one to five years in length.
In the 216-plus years since the Constitution was ratified, it has been amended only 27 times, 10 of which (the Bill of Rights) came only four years after ratification.
While such rulings are nonbinding, the 101 other nations that have ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights could face similar pressure to provide equal benefits.