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ratification (rat´ifikā´shən),

n confirmation of a previous act.
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It is observable that among the numerous objections and amendments suggested by the several States, when these articles were submitted for their ratification, not one is found which alludes to the great and radical error which on actual trial has discovered itself.
I was very much interested in looking over a number of treaties made from time to time with the poor Indians, signed by the different chiefs at the period of their ratification, and preserved in the office of the Secretary to the Commonwealth.
Ratifications Requested--For the 2011 regular session, the House received 13 ratification requests, but only seven were deemed actionable.
The Commission would like the EU and national ratifications to be completed by February 2015.
After the Irish voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty, in a public referendum on 12 June, European Union leaders decided nevertheless to continue the ratification process, with the aim of achieving 26 ratifications by mid-October 2008.
A flurry of ratifications since the beginning of this year has increased the total number of nations ratifying the 1998 Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court to 52.
When making ratifications, Vana suggested using a secret ballot ratification vote.
ratification record-9 ratifications out of more than 160 ILO standards-far behind most other ILO members.
Hunter Harrison, president and chief executive officer of CN, said: "The TCRC contract ratifications represent a milestone for CN, bringing to a close national labour negotiations in Canada.
The situation is particularly alarming on the ACP side, where over 20 ratifications are needed to reach the compulsory two-thirds level, explained Glenys Kinnock.
The total number of ratifications now stands at 47, only 13 short of the 60 nations that the UN claims are required to bring the ICC into operation.
On the other hand, when I reversed the process, I did find that labor conditions, say in 1975, influenced the number of ratifications a country had made five years later.