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ratification (rat´ifikā´shən),

n confirmation of a previous act.
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A number of instruments of ratification were deposited by participating Member States over the past days.
Endorsing the ratification of an agreement between the government of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic on the stimulation and protection of mutual investments.
Accordingly, on the advice of the Prime Minister, the Acting President confirmed the ratification of this Agreement by affixing his seal.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a Summary requested the Prime Minister to forward the Instruments of Ratification for President's approval and affixation of his green seal.
The Philippines' ratification of ILO Convention 189 makes it the second ILO member state, following the earlier ratification made by Uruguay, to implement the landmark convention.
The Philippine ratification would complete the required two ILO member-states to put the convention into force.
Indonesia, listed in the Treaty among the States whose ratification is
The ratification of the treaty for a total ban on nuclear tests, including underground tests, by the United States would be a symbolic milestone for Obama's ''nuclear-free world'' agenda.
PM Mirko Cvetkovic has expressed his hopes that the EP ratification will provide a stimulus for EU member states who have not yet ratified the SAA to do so.
The cabinet in its meeting on March 24, approved the ratification of conventions with certain reservations.
Air Canada said on Wednesday that the IAMAW has advised it of its ratification vote results on the tentative pension funding moratorium and labour stability agreement reached by the parties on 8 June 2009.
The ratification of a human rights treaty is a symbolic gesture and indicates a country's commitment.