rate equation

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rate e·qua·tion

a mathematical expression for a chemical, radiochemical, or enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
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According to the research of hot deformation data, Sellar and Tegart developed an Arrhenius kinetic rate equation which includes the activation energy and the temperature [13].
The well-known standards IEC TR 62380 for failure rate evaluation of variety electrical components shows failure rate equation for the power transistor shown in equation (7).
The movement of solute molecules on to solid surface particulates from the aqueous phase, and then diffusion of the solute molecules into the pore interiors [37] could be described by the intra-particle diffusion rate equation and is given as [32].
The air jet How field of model consists of a continuity equation, a momentum equation, an energy equation, a turbulent kinetic energy equation, and a turbulent dissipation rate equation [19-22].
A brief derivation of a nucleation rate equation based on this framework is given in the preface.
By assuming average value of mass flow rate and using mass flow rate equation, valve opening from 150 bar to 60 bar inlet pressure is found as function of time in (10) and is shown in Figure 13.
This accelerating impact of bank lending rate in the high foreign debt countries can be measured with a negative estimated parameter of the DUM2 variable, a cross product of lending rate and high foreign debt dummy variable, in the GDP growth rate equation.
Note that these standard errors are slightly smaller than those in the No Credibility model for the per capita GDP growth, inflation, and the policy rate equations but are actually larger for the bond rate equation.
Among their topics are the rate equation theory of laser diodes, applying the coupled mode theory, the spectrum of DFB laser diodes, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, noise characteristics, and fabricating and packaging DFB laser diodes.