ratchet wrench

ratchet wrench,

n a wrench activated by its handle through a hinged catch (pawl) that causes the wrench to rotate in one direction only (may be adjusted for either direction).
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The sets include a ratchet wrench so maximum torque can be applied to tough-to-remove screws.
The ratchet wrench was returned to Earth for testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.
The invention's unique design enables it to considerably enhance the utility of a standard ratchet wrench.
After overhearing space station Commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore note that he couldn't find a certain ratchet wrench, engineers from the printer's California-based manufacturer, Made In Space, uploaded an improvised, NASA-approved design and instructed the printer to make a new wrench.
Designed for easy installation and hunter safety, each kit comes with seven tree steps, a ratchet wrench tool and a belt holster with a locking strap that is very durable.
I made up a seven inch long reversible, open end ratchet wrench handle to fit the 3/8 inch hex nuts.
The mechanical advantage of the ratchet wrench lever arm and the threaded shaft enable the unit to be operated at up to full line pressure of 600 to 800 PLI.
The tools required to work on the shaft consist of a ratchet wrench to hold the bolt from the front, an extension and a deep well socket to turn the nut.
FIVE-PIECE RATCHET WRENCH SET In various sizes and lengths, each polished, chrome wrench has a ring spanner ratchet.
After gaining a solid foothold in the ratchet wrench market, the company expanded into the torque-wrench business, where technical levels are higher and competition from global brands fiercer.
David Rooke (Texas A & M University), 86, a longtime executive with Dow Chemical Company, used the ratchet wrench as a symbol for his employees: "Always forward, never back.