rare earth

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rare earth,

n metallic elements used in intensifying screens. Also refers to fast-exposure roentgen-ray screen film.
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Rare Earth Metals Market Dynamics -- Drivers, Challenges, Opportunities
Atsushi Hattori, deputy general manager at Daido's specialty steel solutions department, reportedly said Tuesday that the scarcity of rare earth metals and uncertainty of China's export policy are major concerns.
These and many other crucial factors that will affect the future of the burgeoning rare earths industry are examined in detail in a new market report The Rare Earths Industry Worldwide 2014-2017.
The Company continues to fast track the development of Ngualla with the aim of becoming a low cost, long term producer of high purity rare earth products in 2016.
Japan Rare Earths have negotiated the development and extraction rights for a 3 square kilometer section of these deposits and, building upon the experience and the well-developed technologies of the oil and gas industry, hope to begin meaningful extraction of rare earths from the site before the end of 2016.
It said the country has "paid a big price" for problems in its rare earth industry like excessive exploitation, environmental damages, unhealthy industrial structure, underrated prices and rampant smuggling.
This was the first meeting of the Rare Earth Caucus, formed by Congressman Mike Coffman, R-Colo.
Rare earth oxide (REO) prices surged in the year leading up to August 2011, in some cases to over 30 times above historical levels, creating a frenzy of interest from investors.
It's the unusual arrangement of electrons in rare earth atoms that gives them their peculiar properties.
Rising price pressures in the rare earth market, due to increased demand, as well as China's tightening of export quotas, have magnified concerns about the availability of rare earths.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 21, 2011-Green Technology Solutions Inc continues Mongolian export plans as rare earth prices double due to China's policy(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
According to consultant James Hedrick, 97 percent of the world's supply of rare earths--and about 93 percent of the rare earth elements used in the United States--are mined in China.