rare earth

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rare earth,

n metallic elements used in intensifying screens. Also refers to fast-exposure roentgen-ray screen film.
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Extraction of rare earths and phosphorus from apatite concentrate using the developed process included nitric acid treatment, neutralization and precipitation, sulfuric acid roasting of the residue, water leaching and preparing rare earth product, plus gypsum precipitation and liquid ammonia neutralization of the filtrate.
has been particularly vocal in its opposition to Chinese rare earth policy, with President Barack Obama telling reporters in March he expected China to "play fair" when it comes to international trade.
Though dependent on the outside world for vast qualities of industrial components such as iron and coal, China accounts for about 97 percent of world output of the 17 rare earth metals.
We're now seeing multiple reports that China plans to stockpile a subset of Heavy Rare Earths already identified as being at critical risk," said Daniel McGroarty, President of U.
The rare earths value chain is extraordinarily complex, with multiple players, business drivers, supply models and geopolitical considerations at various stages of production.
The successful production of a separated high purity rare earth oxide from a bulk sample of mineralisation places Ngualla amongst a select few projects to have achieved this milestone.
Defense Bill Calls for a Competitive, Multi-Source Rare Earth Inventory Plan," (May 12).
China has vowed that it would not use its dominance of rare earth supplies as a bargaining tool with foreign economies but it has cut its exports of the materials on environmental grounds.
At the Magnetics Conference in April this year at Chicago, Illinois, consultant to the Worldwide Magnetics Industry Mr Walter T Benecki gave a presentation aptly titled, "Why Rare Earth Prices are Likely to Continue their Upward Trend.
In 'Proceedings of the 2nd Sino-Dutch Workshop on the Environmental Behaviour and Toxicology of Rare Earth Elements and Heavy Metals'.
The 15th edition of Roskill's rare earths report, "Rare Earths: Market Outlook to 2020" draws on more than 40 years of independent research into these metals from the world's experts in metals and minerals markets.