rapid sequence intubation

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rap·id se·quence in·tu·ba·tion

(RSI) (rap'id sē'kwĕns in'tū-bā'shŭn)
Endotrachealintubation performed on a patient to whom a paralytic drug has been administered. Used with prehospital care in combative or head-injured patients.

rapid sequence intubation

Abbreviation: RSI
An airway control technique that uses powerful sedatives and paralytic drugs to quickly gain control of the airway, e.g., in life-threatening emergencies.
See also: intubation
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The impact of hypoxia and hyperventilation on outcome after paramedic rapid sequence intubation of severely head-injured patients.
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Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) has become widespread as the procedure of choice for definitive airway management by pre- and in-hospital emergency care worldwide.

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