rapid decompression

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rap·id de·com·pres·sion

sudden severe expansion of gases due to a reduction in ambient pressure.
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5-3 minutes FL250 3-5 minutes FL210 8-10 minutes FL180 20-30 minutes A rapid decompression can decrease TUC by a 1/3 to 1/2
Pacific halibut lack a swim bladder and do not suffer apparent injuries associated with rapid decompression.
Fragmentation resulting from rapid decompression of the magma causes a bubble row at the edge of the foam to fail by rupture or solid fracture when low ambient pressures are reached.
The recognition that rapid decompression at high altitude is likely to be fatal to unprotected aircrew has led to the development of a system designed to provide "get-me-down" capability.
The rapid decompression was only a symptom of the real problem.
The Federal Aviation Administration last week ordered additional, repeated inspections of certain Boeing 777s, warning that corrosion and cracking could lead to rapid decompression and damage to the structure of the aircraft.
This scenario shows that threats associated with rapid decompression are not limited to hypoxia.
Last month an explosion on a Qantas Boeing 747 en route from London to Australia blew a hole in the fuselage and caused rapid decompression in the passenger cabin.
Before I could utter a word, it pegged negative, and we had a rapid decompression at 31,000 feet.
If you rise too fast, the rapid decompression can cause sickness - "the bends" - which can be painful or even fatal.

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