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Once hot, line the pan with rapeseed oil, sprinkle the half of baby gems with salt, lay in the pan and colour on one side until golden and light crisp.
Eat while listening to Van Morrison Serves two as a main, four as a 4 medium beetroot, (washed but not peeled) and quartered 1 celeriac, peeled cut into heart chunks (match the size of quartered beetroot) 1/2 butternut squash, peeled and similarly chunked 1tsp cumin seeds 2 stalks of fresh 2tbsp rapeseed oil Salt 1 red chilli, slit, (optional) Dressing: 3tbsp rapeseed oil 1tbsp white wine vinegar 1tsp thyme leaves 1tsp honey Salt and pepper to taste
Did you know that rapeseed looks like this, just before it's harvested?
The oxidation stability of rapeseed oil depends on its fatty acid profile as well as the presence of natural antioxidants in the oil.
It is important for EU rapeseeed crushers to protect their input and rapeseed costs, and their two main output costs, rapeseed oil and meal, against price risk, which we are offering with this contract.
The Infused Oils come complete as a set which includes lx 250m1 Chilli Infused Oil, lx 250m1 Basil Infused Oil, lx 250m1 Garlic Infused Oil and lx 250m1 Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil accompanied by a 250m1 bottle of Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, ensuring fabulous flavours for every occasion.
The new rapeseed supply will generate about $70 million in incremental revenue -- with a gross margin of approximately 15 percent -- when converted to rapeseed oil and sold, depending on market conditions.
Meanwhile, Hillfarm Oils, which revamped its branding earlier this year, has seen turnover increase 12% year-on-year as rapeseed oil has become more mainstream.
And as rapeseed is a brassica, part of the cabbage family, it is more soilfriendly than other crops.
The launch, just a few weeks ago, follows the farm's success selling rapeseed oil and dressings under the brand Just Oil.