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Americans' misperceptions about the economic rank order of nations also overlook Japan's stature on the economic playing field, ranking second worldwide.
The rank order of the factors that were most highly correlated with the number of UBMs in each state were:
The study asked employees to rank order ten suggested rewards for work.
The rank order of steroid potency in the eye is different from the rank order of potency in the skin.
The rank order of worry categories from the present study and that from Millar and Gallagher (1996) were analyzed using the Spearman rank order correlation procedure to determine if the two rank orders were systemically related.
Table A1 Overall Deprivation Rank Orders--Punjab Provincial Rank Order National Rank Order 1 =Least Deprived 1=Least Deprived Districts 34=Most Deprived 100=Most Deprived Attock 9 13 Bahawalnagar 24 43 Bahawalpur 26 49 Bhakkar 29 61 Chakwal 14 19 D.
These league tables perpetuate the myth that schools can be placed in precise rank order on their results.
Teachers were also asked to rate and rank order different types of learning arrangements and management strategies.
The interviewer then was directed to take the viewer's sketches and written impressions to the front of the room and rank order the material (from 1 to 4) against the four possible pictures from a preset target package.
In rank order, beginning with the highest, they were (a) knowledge of the existence of many cultures; (b) knowledge of the influence of culture on health behavior, health decisions, and health status; (c) knowledge of stereotypes, biases, and discrimination; (d) ability to be an information resource for health needs of ethnic and cultural groups; (e) knowledge of health belief and value differences among cultures; and (f) knowledge of health problems of ethnic and cultural groups.
All property preferences, in rank order, are: CBD office buildings; urban apartments; industrial R&D; suburban office buildings; industrial warehouses; suburban apartments; neighborhood and community centers; regional malls; hotels/motels; power shopping centers.
The K statistic measures the degree to which the rank order of site acres varies with the rank order of the price-per-acre unit value.