random genetic drift

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random genetic drift

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Fig. 265 Random genetic drift . The frequency of one allele of a gene over many generations. The continuous line represents population A, the broken line population B.

random genetic drift (RGD) or Sewall Wright effect

changes in ALLELE frequency in a population from one generation to another due to chance fluctuations. RGD is important in small populations which are subject to sampling error and where an allele can be lost (0% frequency) or fixed (100%).

The phenomenon was first described by the American geneticist Sewall Wright.

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High proportion of GD loss due to the random genetic drift was observed.
Noting that most aspects of evolution at the genomic level can't be explained by natural selection, he explores the role of nonadaptive forces such as mutation, recombination, and random genetic drift.
Changes in gene frequency brought about by random genetic drift, gene flow, and natural selection lead to the evolution of populations.