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There were romps, there was randiness, and there was rumpy-pumpy galore.
Some of the juxtapositions were rather prosaic, for instance that of a life-size white fiberglass donkey, an ancient symbol of randiness, with the phallic plastic vegetables that adorn the large wheels suspending the neon lights in several of the niches.
A runaway boar renowned for his randiness has dodged a sex trap baited with three sows.
Any woman would be affronted by a man who flouts even the simplest precautions and exercises such poor taste in a display of thoughtless randiness.
Following and celebrating the release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians, his first book, 101 Nudes, 1972/91, peered into the forlorn, next-door, often hilarious randiness of suburbia: plump woman nude on porch steps, plump woman nude next to potted plants, nude in bushes, or nude fondling the family pet; skinny boy nude and posed on top of the dining-room table, like a fountain cherub run amok, skinny boy again nude balanced on the sofa's arm, dolled up in drag across the love seat, cigarette in hand playing the piano nude, or caressing in the buff a mural of Jesus.