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abbreviation for random-access memory.


male, entire sheep which has attained sexual maturity at about the age of 6 months.

ram effect
introduction of a ram into a flock of non-pregnant ewes in the period between deep anestrus and the commencement of the breeding season tends to advance the onset of estrus and enhances its synchronization.
ram epididymitis
ram mating harness
leather or webbing harness worn around the forequarters and carrying a marking crayon or paint pad on the brisket to mark the rumps of ewes that have been mated.
stud ram
pedigree ram used to mate with purebred ewes.
teaser ram
vasectomized ram. See also teaser.
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During lifting and transportation the rammers activate an automatic integral lock, which prevents excessive wear on the shock absorbers.
While the Laney crew started moving equipment into position for the second bore, Laney Directional Drilling President Mark Laney contacted TT Technologies Pipe Ramming Specialists Fred Burlbaw and Rick Melvin about getting a pneumatic pipe rammer on site to assist with the prefect.
As one of the backbone pieces of equipment in any foundry sand testing laboratory, the sand rammer must operate properly to ensure quality molding sand.
iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover, Germany, has awarded the Atlas Copco LT6005 rammer series with the 2015 International iF Product Design Award.
Newly designed sand rammers can feature special shafts that are highly polished and resistant to oxidation (which can cause friction).
The conventional use of a pipe rammer is to attach the tool to a section of steel pipe or casing and hammer it through the ground with rapid percussive blows powered by compressed air.
This is done with a small-headed rammer to seal all seams and holes.
Multiquip's three new MTX-Series rammers incorporate an exclusive anti-vibration system (AVS) which significantly cuts vibration to the user for greater productivity on the job site while reducing the risk of injury caused by operator fatigue.
They were people who risked their reputable manufacturing names in an industry that had grown familiar (as well as complacent) with the compaction of clay-bonded sands with hand rammers, then pneumatic rammers and onto squeezers, jolt squeezers and jolt rollovers.
Honda engines supply smooth and dependable power for more than 3,000 different product applications including pressure washers, lawnmowers, rammers, and rescue and construction equipment.
HammerHead rammers are set into taper locking collets, decreasing set up and tear down when stopping to weld on the next section of casing.
Properly configured pipe rammers can be used to salvage product pipes, remove stuck drill stems and assist drill units during product pullback, overcoming hydrolock.