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The young colt was seized under the Control of Horses (Wales) Act after being found without his mother on a rubbish site in South Wales; in an emaciated state and was riddled with worms and lice, as well as suffering with painful rain scald on his spine.
There was a lot of dealing going on in the car park animals that I believe were not fit for sale - very underweight, with severe rain scald - one of the horse's backs was completely bald, and it had severely overgrown feet.
There seems to be an increase in skin conditions, including mud fever, rain scald and often ringworm," she said.
The land had good grazing; a vet expert had said the best way to treat rain scald was to let it heal naturally.
Breen said vets discovered Red Reef was lice-ridden, emaciated and had various skin conditions including rain scald over nearly a quarter of her body.
During his early weeks the litle colt struggled to progress and lost much of his coat, possibly due to rain scald, making it hard for him to keep warm.
It is further alleged she had failed to give the horses antibiotics and get proper treatment for rain scald.
He was pretty much skin and bones, covered in rain scald and very poor indeed with mud fever, swollen legs, the whole lot.
The winter months also seem to increase skin conditions, including mud fever, rain scald and often ringworm.
Her list of problems read like a veterinary manual: Rain Scald, Sweet Itch, Cystitis, brittle hooves, mite infested ears, conjunctivitis, malnutrition and broken wind.
Having been informed by the user of a neighbouring paddock that the horses were thin and their coats suffering from rain scald, the RSPCA referred the matter to the Jockey Club, who launched an investigation.