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Efficacy of rafoxanide and oxyclozanide against Fascioloides magna in naturally infected cattle.
Es bien conocido el Rafoxanide como tratamiento de eleccion para Paramphistomidos, con dosis 7,5 a 10 mg/kg de peso [50].
Asimismo, Rojas y Torrel (2015) mencionan como tratamiento para formas inmaduras al hexaclorofeno, niclofolan, oxaclozanida, rafoxanide y febantel, y para las formas maduras al biotionol, niclosamida y resorantel.
An improved thyroid hormone reporter assay to determine the thyroid hormonelike activity of amiodarone, bithionol, closantel and rafoxanide.
hepatica including clorsulon (cattle and sheep only) and albendazole in the United States and triclabendazole, netobimin, closantel, rafoxanide, and oxyclozanide in other countries (resistance to triclabendazole has developed in Australia and Europe).
Dimmock had administered what he thought was `Curazole', which he had successfully used in the past, but analysis of samples taken from the deceased greyhounds at the Horserace Forensic Laboratory were found to contain the drug rafoxanide, an ingredient of a cattle treatment known as `Curafluke'.
Han sido inefectivos el levamisol [13], diamphenetide [13] y rafoxanide [6,11], tetracloruro de carbono [11], tiabendazole, piperazina [9] y mebendazole [11].
The ineffectiveness of Rafoxanide (3,5-diiodo 3' chlor 4'-(PChlorophenoxi) salicylanilide) against Platynosomum fastosum, The liver fluke of domestic cats.
2007) reported albendazole 14 Percent effective, followed by its combination with rafoxanide 54 Percent in Pashmina goats infected with Haemonchus spp.
2007) reported the efficacy of albendazole plus rafoxanide combination as 54 Percent , which is not in accordance to our results.
THE NGRC yesterday stated that the eight greyhounds who died in May in mysterious circumstances have, after lenghty forensic analysis, been founded positive for the drug rafoxanide.