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1. a means or agent by which certain substances or structures can be identified or followed, as a radioactive tracer.
2. a mechanical device by which the outline of an object or the direction and extent of movement of a part may be graphically recorded; see also tracing.
3. a dissecting instrument for isolating vessels and nerves.
radioactive tracer a radioactive isotope replacing a stable chemical element in a compound (said to be radiolabeled) and so able to be followed or tracked through one or more reactions or systems by means of a radiation detector; used especially for such a compound that is introduced into the body for study of the compound's metabolism, distribution, and passage through the body.


A radionuclide or radiolabeled chemical; a radioactive tracer.


/ra·dio·tra·cer/ (-tra´ser) radioactive tracer.


a radioactive tracer.
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gave morphine simultaneously with the HBS radiotracer (i.
We now know that comparing sestamibi "redistribution" (or redistribution of one of the other radiotracers such as Myoview) will not only tell us whether a person has heart disease, but will also tell us what we will see in the cardiac catheterization suite and allow us to more rapidly and correctly treat people, like our veteran.
This study, which used a radiotracer specific for one type of these transporters (i.
Arsenic has promise as a radiotracer because of the slow rate of decay of arsenic isotopes and their stable chemistry.
Mixing and blending studies using radiotracers, carried out both on batch systems and on continuous-flow systems, proved the fact that on several occasions calculated blending time was far in excess of that actually required - adjustments made thereafter provide tremendous savings in productions times and energy consumption.
The radiotracer was specifically designed to measure, indirectly, the local brain release of mu-opioid, a natural substance that alters pain perception.
LAS VEGAS - The development of the positron emission tomography radiotracer known as AV-45, or florbetapir F18, for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease carries with it a certain "curse," according to Dr.
Her topics include preparing 31Si-labeled silicate to use as a radiotracer for silicon studies in biosystems; the beneficial role of silicon to organisms as demonstrated by the importance of silicon chemistry to metal accumulation in yeast; a mathematical approach to the systematic compartmental analysis for describing observed 31Si-labeled silicic acid uptake during diatom valve formation; and a new method to study heterogeneous binding and precipitation of silicate and phosphate in heterotrophic biofilms.
Unlike other adjunct imaging modalities such as mammography and ultrasound that image the physical structure of the breast, BSGI is a form of molecular imaging that captures the cellular functioning of the breast tissue through radiotracer uptake.
BAT is an important entity and potential pitfall with regards to nuclear medicine imaging, as the tissue has demonstrated radiotracer uptake with [sup.
A radiotracer is produced in the laboratory by attaching a radioactive atom or molecule to a compound of interest.
Lymphocyte responsiveness was expressed as the difference in radiotracer counts between cells incubated with HDM (stimulated) and those incubated with medium alone (unstimulated).