radiopharmaceutical chemistry

ra·di·o·phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal chem·is·try

the science concerned with the labeling of pharmaceuticals with radionuclides.
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Thus, the previously closed, controlled field of nuclear medicine departments and radiopharmaceutical chemistry is separated in the middle in about and opened.
Also, a distinguished faculty position in radiopharmaceutical chemistry will be added to Ohio State's department of radiology.
Following an introduction describing the study and a description of nuclear medicine and the use of nuclear medicine imaging, the report analyzes and offers recommendations on areas that include targeted radionuclide therapy, the availability of radionuclides for research, and radiotracer and radiopharmaceutical chemistry.
Personnel may be scientists from a variety of fields including, but not limited to, imaging sciences, chemistry, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, cell and molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology, computational sciences, and biomedical engineering.
He is also Director of the Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and Radiopharmacy Section of the Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Medicine.
in Chemistry from Rutgers University and completed post-doctoral training in radiopharmaceutical chemistry at Purdue University.
The textbook for practitioners and advanced students explains aspects of radiopharmacy such as physical principles, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, radiopharmacology, radiopharmaceutics, radiopharmacy practice, and techniques in research and development.
Categories such as neurology, oncology and radiopharmaceutical chemistry, in addition to radioassay, fall under the new criteria.
1316 - Scientific Poster Session Poster Section: Dosimetry/Radiobiology Posters Session Info: "Meet the Author" II: Neurosciences, General Clinical Specialties, and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Posters Monday, June 4 3:15 PM- 4:00 PM Hall E Abstract Title: A comparison of Iodine-123 and Technetium-99m assays using dose calibrators Authors: D.