radiological technologist

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radiological technologist

a person who, under the supervision of a physician radiologist, operates radiological equipment and assists radiologists and other health professionals and whose competence has been tested and approved by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Also called radiographer, x-ray technologist.

radiological technologist

A technologist trained in the safe application of ionizing radiation to portions of the body to assist the physician in the diagnosis of injuries and disease. This individual may also supervise or teach others. Technology programs approved by the Joint Review Commission on Education in the Radiologic Sciences are conducted in hospitals, medical schools, and colleges with hospital affiliations.


pertaining to radiology.

radiological diagnosis
see radiological diagnosis.
mobile radiological apparatus
x-ray machines that can be moved but are not portable because of their weight. This is imposed because of the large transformer required to achieve the desired output.
portable radiological apparatus
can be carried because of the small transformer used. However, the exposure time is prolonged and the image is less clear. The machine is easily dismantled.
radiological technologist
a health care worker who is skilled in the theory and practice of the technical aspects of the use of x-rays and radioisotopes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiological technologists can specialize in radiography, radiation therapy or nuclear medicine. See also radiographer, radiation therapist. Called also nuclear medicine technologist.
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Another drain on the pool of radiological technologists is the understandable desire to specialize in a specific procedure, which can bring sizable salary increases.
The organization's services include workshops, online training, customized on-site training and self-study programs for physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, radiological technologists and respiratory therapists.
Well-experienced radiological technologists of BVJ offer timely and high-quality consulting and analysis, helping pharmaceutical and medical device developing companies run their clinical trials smoothly with medical doctors in their various fields.
The MMU service offers an alternative to hospital-based radiological facilities, and is staffed by an all-female staff of radiological technologists, highly trained in mammography imaging.
The Board's rule addressed "supervision" (which infers the ordering and supervision of radiological technologists performing fluoroscopy) and specifies educational outcomes that ARNPs should meet.
In addition, associated seminars including Radiological technologists international conference, Seoul physiotherapists conference, Medical Equipment Trial Center conference, 'Special Lectures for Professional Doctors', ones by medical journals (Doctor's News, Digital BOSA, Bokuen News and Docdocdoc) and Doctorstory were expected to provide highly important information to both doctors and those related with the medical industry.
UHW members who work as Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Radiological Technologists, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Business Professionals and other hospital classifications at Sutter Delta, had been bargaining since their last contract expired on November 22, 2004.
Other job titles that didn't make the top ten, but received significant votes, included veterinarian, dental hygienist, pilot, marine, police officer, physical therapist, chef, high-level executive jobs for women, parcel deliverers, CPAs, electrical line workers, radiological technologists and the proverbial milkman.
Several technical employees, a unit which includes Respiratory Therapists, Radiological Technologists, and Licensed Vocational Nurses, said they remain optimistic they will win in their quest for representation.
The RSNA meeting brings radiologists and radiological technologists from around the world together each year to learn about the most recent developments in radiology.

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