radiographic interpretation

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ra·di·o·graph·ic in·ter·pre·ta·tion

(rādē-ō-grafik in-tĕrprĕ-tāshŭn)
Examination and study of a diagnostic radiograph to identify and explain findings viewed.


pertaining to or emanating from radiography.

radiographic contrast agent
see contrast medium.
radiographic film digestion test
a quantitative test for fecal trypsin in which a strip of x-ray film is incubated in an alkaline suspension of feces. Clearing of the film's gel indicates the prescence of trypsin. Used in the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.
radiographic geometry
relates to the loss of clarity of the radiographic image as the subject moves further away from the film.
radiographic interpretation
translation of the radiographic image into an explanation of the pathology underlying the abnormalities that are observed.
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Radiographic interpretations of the X-rays of the inmates must be provided within twenty-four (24)
Tenders are invited for Work of Ultrasonic thickness survey of boiler tubes & NDT & Services for Radiographic interpretation of HP Weld joints in Boiler U-5 as & when required at BM-II, TPS Parli-Vaijnath.
Tenders are invited for Contract for utilization of expert services for radiographic interpretation of boiler H.

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