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For several years an original 1950's radiogram has been hidden away in the loft of Rosemary and Geoffrey Powell's home in Rugby.
That we're still buying Ford Escorts is proof positive that Britain is as up-to-date as a mahogany radiogram.
It ranges from such culturally significant consumer items as hurricane lamps and the Blue-Spot radiogram to "hundreds of little bits of paper that may appear to be of no use to anyone".
I would listen to Children's Favourites on my grandad's big radiogram every Saturday morning in the hope they would select Max Bygraves singing You're A Pink Toothbrush, I'm A Blue Toothbrush.
It had a knock-through lounge with connecting doors, which a lot of people had then, and a radiogram which stood on an awful patterned carpet.
They're the same little gems as my old gran used to have proudly dangling above her radiogram.
HAVING recently moved to a smaller house, we have no room for our radiogram.
Another of Laura's junk shop finds has pride of place in the bathroom, where an old 1950s radiogram cabinet, bought for just pounds 10, is now a very switched-on towel cupboard.
Life revolved around your family radio, forcing you to have a colourful imagination, or you listened to music at 78rpm on your radiogram, powered by a large and weighty battery called an accumulator that had to be re-charged every few days at a local shop.
Music, he explains, is a conduit for the whole show, from the effect it had on him growing up as one of seven children in Dudley (where his parents, Country and Western and Elvis fans, had a radiogram so big Lenny reckons they must have had the house built around it), to being a teenager and then an adult.
If you really want to impress and you have the room, the highly polished and stylish piece of furniture called the radiogram is still available in auction rooms (we have sold several recently).
I thought of the old radiogram that I bitterly regretted dumping last year.