radiochemical purity

ra·di·o·chem·i·cal pur·i·ty

the proportion of the total activity of a specific radionuclide in a specific chemical or biologic form.
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Radiochemical purity of the compound was analyzed by ascending chromatographic techniques and HPLC analysis.
To determine the Radiochemical purity of 99mTc-clarithromycin, the sample of 1 uL was spotted at ITLC silica gel strips (Gelman Laboratories) and developed using 0.
Being used with positron emitters short life, this system must effector identification operations and chemical and radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals by radioHPLC, pH and residual solvents by GC, gamma spectrometry and calculating the specific radioactivity a time period consistent with the isotope, or twenty minutes.
The percentage labeling efficiency (%LE) and radiochemical purity (RCP) of the crude samples was determined utilizing ITLC-SG, and HPLC.
Made significant advancements on Positron's proprietary automated quality control module for the PosiRx system; including patent filings for its proprietary method of testing Tc-99m compounds for radiochemical purity.
Radiochemical purity of the 99mTc- ciprofloxacin was analyzed by ITLC, PC and RP- HPLC.
The system was designed to meet stringent standards for compounding that include; air quality (ISO class 5), ensuring proper radiochemical purity of kits, adherence to ALARA principles for shielding the process within the equipment, product sterility, volume and activity dose accuracy through calibration, molybdenum breakthrough testing of generator elutions and basic usability.
The radiochemical purity of the product was observed by using paper chromatography (PC).
The radioiodination and purification procedure yielded a drug with high radiochemical yield (RCY), radiochemical purity (RCP), and specific activity (SA).
The radiochemical purity of the radiolabeled complex was determined by Paper Chromatography (PC) and Instant Thin Layer Chromatography (ITLC).
Preparation and chromatographic analysis of 99mTc--Dextran-Cysteamine -Mannose The radiochemical purity of labeled drug depends upon various parameters like time of incubation, heating time in water bath and pH.